July 15, 2012

Dr Blood's Big Day Out

The hot weather came back with a vengeance yesterday. I think it was over 95 degrees again and the forecast says that there is another week of this awfulness to come. It's pretty much killing me, destroying my concentration, and, most importantly, it's really disrupting my blogging.

Instead of going down to the basement, sitting in a corner and crying (which is what I felt like doing), I went out for an adventure. As you know, I don't like to leave the house or the cats on Saturdays (or most other days of the week for that matter) except to go to the pawn shop so you can guess where I went.

Yes, I went to the pawn shop again... but also to a few other places as well.

Finally! "Jennifer's Body" turned up! I'd been refusing to buy this from Wal-mart since it came out because the price never dropped below $10 for it. This movie is three years old so it should have been in the $5 bin ages ago. Now I have it and for only $2.50 too.

"The Midnight Horror Collection - Vol. 2" from Echo Bridge Home Entertainment was definitely in the Wal-mart $5 bin but I could never find it. I only collect the ones labelled "Midnight Horror" and not the "Masters of Terror" multi-packs.

Nearly all of the "Masters of Terror" collections are culled from the bigger 4, 5, 6 (and 11) movie Miramax franchise multi-packs but repackaged with a lot of crap from the earlier "4 Horror Films" collector's sets. The "Midnight Horror" multi-packs also contain a few titles from those earlier packs (especially volumes 4 to 6 which repackage all of them) but, since I never bought the final "4 Horror Films" collector's set, this had nothing on it which I've ever seen before. The titles are "Haunted From Within", "Doll Graveyard", "Watch Me", "The Fear Chamber", "Deadfall Trail", "Zombie Dearest", "Demonic Toys 2", and "Evil Bong 2: King Bong". I won't be buying the third volume because it double-dips 5 movies from the first two volumes and only adds three more really crappy ones.

I wish I had a better excuse for buying "Memoirs of a Geisha" other than it's probably the kind of thing which my mum would have watched if she hadn't died of cancer nine years ago. She used to watch all the period romances and she would have really liked this one. She worked in a Japanese hotel until four months before the end and she loved it there for some bizarre reason.

Apart from eating a lot of sushi, I'm not a big Japanophile. I do like all the Japanese people who I've met in real life and, yesterday, I went to a new Japanese restaurant to try it out so that's another reason why I bought "Memoirs of a Geisha".

Just to complete the "4 for $10" deal, I grabbed this "Pulp Fiction" Collector's Edition. It's a 2 disc set in that strange hybrid packaging of plastic and cardboard which things like the Universal Legacy Collection, "Unbreakable", and "Unforgiven" came out in. I think I may have a few more movies which were released like this but I don't remember which ones right now. I've already seen this movie dozens of times but my cats haven't.

That wasn't the end of my day. I also went to Target, looked through the DVDs, and bought absolutely nothing there. There wasn't anything new, no bargains apart from "Orphan" for $5, and I still didn't get that new Melissa George film since it turned out not to be horror after all.

I then went to Wilson Farms and bought two large tubs of Neopolitan ice cream since they had a "buy one get one free" deal going on. I didn't have to have Neopolitan but that's the only Perry's one I like even though the strawberry part has little bits of strawberry in it. I can't stand ice cream with bits in it.

So, that was my big day out. The heat and humidity was so oppressive that, when I came home, I was exhausted and had to go to bed early with the ceiling fan on full blast. If I hadn't woke up with toothache, I'd still be there completely oblivious to this Hellish weather. Sleeping is the only escape I have from this nightmare.

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