June 9, 2012

It's Caturday! The Top Ten Creepiest Catladies

You know I have a thing for cats. I love cats. I want them all on a rainbow and with little bowties... Okay, so maybe I'm not quite as bad as Cara Hartmann's Debbie character. Not yet anyway. I'm also the wrong gender.

Just to be different, since I already have a whole blog dedicated to the felines themselves, here's my top ten of their creepiest caregivers.

1. Sra. Soledad (Julia GutiƩrrez Caba) from "Julia's Eyes" (2010)

This seemingly kindly, blind, old catlady hides a very sinister secret in this Spanish thriller and she does it so well that she's made it to the top of the list.

2. Mrs Leslie (Rosemary Leach) from "Toby" (1995)

Another nosy neighbour who knows more than she should appears in this episode of the "Chiller" TV series. She never appears without holding a cat either.

3. Miss Malkin (Joan Greenwood) from "The Uncanny" (1977)

Although some would class this character as a victim, she's such a vile, arrogant, old aristo that she gets everything she deserves. I was on the side of Susan Penhaligon's character throughout the whole segment of this horror anthology.

4. The Cat Lady (Eileen Brennan) from "Jeepers Creepers" (2001)

Keeping in the dark while clutching a cat is pretty creepy, don't you think? She may have the best line in the film but her actions don't do her or anyone else any good.

5. Mrs. Cutter (Nancy Linehan Charles) from "The Stepfather" (2009)

She's nosy and she's worked everything out. Just two reasons why she isn't going to survive the film. A third reason is because she's a crazy catlady!

6. Madame Zena (Mario Bava) from "Black Sabbath" (1963)

This is a bit of cheat since the ghostly figure of a cat-loving corpse was, in reality, just a mannequin with a head created by Mario Bava and his father. She's still extremely scary though.

7. Louise (Emily Hampshire) from "Good Neighbours" (2010)

She's only a little bit creepy and kind of hot too, but later she turns out to be, justifiably, quite a psychopath in the right circumstances.

8. Ruby Deagle (Polly Holliday) from "Gremlins" (1984)

Probably the most famous catlady who everyone loves to hate. She loves money and has named all her cats after different currencies. That's creepy enough right there.

9. Ida Belson (Carol Shoemaker) from "You'll Wake the Dead" (1997)

In this "Ghost Stories" episode, she's a nice enough old lady with a weak heart and a great love of cats. That is until she is driven to her death by her evil landlord. As a corpse, yeah, she's creepy for sure.

10. Mr. Alphonso (Alphonso DeNoble) from "Alice Sweet Alice" (1976)

Finally, another cheat. If it wasn't for his gender, Mr. Alphonso would be the most disgusting and creepiest catlady of them all. Please God, don't let me end up this way!

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Anyway, those are my picks from the many creepy catladies who have appeared in the horror genre over the years. Who are yours?

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