June 21, 2012

My Region 1 Horror DVDs - part 3

The First Shelf - part B

Yeah, this top shelf is definitely cursed. I thought that I had the second half photographed really nicely but I ended up with some blur again. I'll just have to do it when I have more time and it isn't 95 degrees outside.

Here are the worst offenders again. It looks like I'll never get a job as a cameraman in Hollywood at this rate. Mind you, I didn't ever want a job as a cameraman anyway.

Once again, I'll go through them from left to right.

Cabin Fever
I watched this when it first came out due to a recommendation from a former workmate. I liked some of it but it failed to satisfy me in a lot of other ways. I really didn't think that I'd ever buy a copy of it but it was $2 from the pawn shop recently so now I have it. I definitely need to watch it again sometime soon.

Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh
I have the other two "Candyman" movies as well but without cases. As far as rewatchability goes, I prefer this one to the original. The less said about the third one, the better. This was another $3 bargain from Big Lots. I would have bought a new copy of "Candyman" from there too if it hadn't been $5. I have my spending limits as ridiculous as that may seem.

Candy Stripers
I got laughed at on a podcast for buying this but it isn't a bad film at all. It's sort of like "Decoys", "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" and "Faculty" but with Playboy playmates. I enjoyed it. There were a lot of Sony DVDs like this in Big Lots at one time and I bought them all. I only kept a couple of them though.

Carrie used to be here but I sold it.

Cat's Eye
This was from FYE's used section and I just had to get the one with the cardboard case. I didn't realise that I could have bought it in a multipack with a normal plastic DVD case so I will be upgrading this eventually.

Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter
I'd always wanted this when I was in England but never saw it available either as a VHS or DVD. When it turned up in Big Lots, I grabbed it straight away. If you think I only bought it to ogle Caroline Munro, you'd be right.

The Cavern
Another Sony distribution and probably not to everyone's tastes. It's a bit like "The Descent" but I prefer this story (and backstory). Apparently, this won a couple of festival awards, and I recommend it too.

This came from the same yard sale as "28 Weeks Later". It was another immaculate ex-rental and I got it for $1. The weird thing was that I bought it at the same time that "Cloverfield" was popular on message boards. I found lots in it to ridicule, but it's grown on me since.

The Changeling
Simply one of the best ghost stories ever made. This is the HBO Home Video release in the cardboard case which, yes, you know came from Big Lots for $3. I've never seen a different version available anywhere, but the artwork isn't all that inspiring to justify a plastic cased version anyway.

Children of the Corn II / Children of the Corn III
No, I haven't missed out on the original "Children of the Corn". I have a special Region 2 version which I'll do a post about another time. I believe that this was an Echo Bridge $2.99 double-feature from Kmart, but I got it cheaper than that from the pawn shop.

Cold Prey
I think I paid a reduced price for this from Wal-mart for some reason which I can't remember. Maybe it had just been placed in the bargain bin but I do know that I didn't pay the $13.99 which is still on its price sticker. It's a good Norwegian slasher but not that good. I rented the sequel but didn't buy it, and I still haven't seen the third one.

I have to replace this DVD one day because it's all scratched up. I bought it from a second-hand bookshop for $2 because the case was immaculate. The owner tapes all the boxes closed so I couldn't believe it when I opened it up later to find it was covered in scratches. To be fair, it was the only one I've ever had from there which wasn't immaculate, but I'll never buy another DVD from that shop again.

I have the superior UK version of "Creepshow" but I bought this old version anyway just to put on my shelves. I'm sure that this is the widescreen version which most Americans have.

Creepshow 2 used to be here but I sold it.

The Craft
Although this DVD's days are numbered in my collection, I got it in my "exchange" deal and I've watched it a couple of times. It's a bit girlie and the more I look at Fairuza Balk, the uglier and pimplier she gets. She did a really good job in it though, and Neve Campbell looks a lot nicer with long hair.

The Crazies
Wal-mart's bargain bin strikes again! I didn't really like this film because the way the scenes were edited together was very bad in places. It's a lot better than the original though which I find too slow and unwatchable.

The Dark
Given the choice between this or "Half Light", I would rather have "Half Light" but every copy that I've found of it round here has been ex-rental with stickers on or other damage. I got this from Big Lots and enjoyed it, but it got silly at the end.

Dark Floors
My first "Ghost House" DVD which I got at the same time as "Trackman" from the swap shop. It was Norway's most expensive movie ever but it's still a bit average. If I ever wanted to watch a double-feature with "Silent Hill", this would be the second (and better) film.

The Dark Half
One of the Stephen King books which I never finished reading got turned into a movie. I'm not sure if this was a TV movie or a real movie because I watched it on Sky TV one night and have still never played this DVD. I think it came from Big Lots, but I may have got it from FYE who were selling it at the same price.

Dark Water
I had such a huge store credit from my 75 DVD exchange that I struggled to find anything to spend it on. This was one of the titles I just had because it was there. I still haven't made it all the way through this DVD in one sitting yet either.

This was still shrink-wrapped in my local pawn shop so I had it. I've only played it to take some screencaps as I watched all three movies back to back on a movie channel one night. I do like this film a lot, but it's only borderline horror.

Darkness Falls
I really liked this at the time but the coverart leaves a lot to be desired. It says "Sci-fi Essentials" on it but this is a horror movie, isn't it? I have no idea about the history of this movie and now wonder if it was made for the Sci-fi Channel. I watched it in England on television and have, again, never played this DVD which I got from the pawn shop.

Daughters of Darkness will go here when I find a copy.

Dawn of the Dead (remake)
This was given to me because it's the full screen version. I have a special UK version of the original "Dawn of the Dead", but if I ever see the fabled old version/new version double-feature, I will upgrade this.

Another from my "exchange" deal. I couldn't believe that they had this within days of the movie hitting Wal-mart. Somebody watched this and flipped it that fast so I grabbed it for $5.

Dead Calm
Yes, I only bought this to see Nicole Kidman's bottom. It's a good film though. Billy Zane was a little bit miscast (but decent) and the ending surprised me. I got this from Big Lots for $3 even though it was the flipper edition in a cardboard case.

Well, that's the top shelf done. I may write a movie review or two before I do the next shelf otherwise my blog is going to get even more boring than usual.

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