April 19, 2012


Some pathetic loser who is going by the name of "Eliza" on here has copied all the posts from my "Horror Cats" blog and even linked to the images from my Photobucket account (which I've now moved).

The copycat (no pun intended) blog is called "Pretty Cats". I know it had to happen sooner or later but this is just bullshit. How lazy do you have to be to copy somebody else's blog? How sad is that?

Even more stupid was the fact that this malicious asshat decided to follow "Dr Blood's Video Vault" as well. Presumably, they were looking for more things to steal. Good luck with that. I also blocked the idiot.

Remember, there is only one real "Horror Cats" blog.

The Horror Cats

Update (20/4/12):
It appears that the thief has thought better of it and has now deleted all their posts. Not much good to them without the pictures, eh? Now they are stealing a load of unrelated animal images from someone else.

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