April 1, 2012

South African director, Daaf Lirpa Van Loof, beats Tom Six to the megapede. "The Human Megapede" is available on DVD today!

Johannesburg based pop video director, Daaf Lirpa Van Loof, previously known for assisting on Justin Bieber's music videos, has stunned the world by creating the horror movie which Tom Six has only dreamt about.

According to the Associated Press, "The Human Megapede" features over 1000 victims joined in various ways including, controversially, 50 pairs of real conjoined twins sewn together.

Daaf Van Loof, who prefers to go by the name, Lirpa Loof, says that it took him over two years to assemble the cast but far less than that to disassemble them again.

Loof says, "The hardest part was acquiring the various surgical instruments used in the operation scenes. South Africa has restrictions on the sale of medical supplies so we found ourselves having to improvise with some nasty looking kitchen equipment."

Test screenings of "The Human Megapede" have shocked audiences throughout Johannesburg, some of whom say that the movie contained "The worst atrocities ever inflicted on other human beings outside of a Nazi concentration camp".

Several audience members allegedly fainted or threw up in the aisles over one particularly nasty scene involving a bolt cutter used to sever the spinal columns of four Down-syndromed teenagers who comprised one of the segments.

The South African government has already taken steps to ban the film outright but Loof is adamant that his film is a work of art. "My film has to be seen. If it gets banned in my own country, I will simply sell it overseas instead," Loof said as he recently made a deal with Lionsgate.

DVD and Blu-ray editions of this controversial extreme horror will be on sale today in all branches of Best Buy and FYE in the United States and Virgin Megastores across the UK.

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