March 28, 2012

Amp Energy has changed the design on their cans!

As a long term Monster energy drinker, there are, unfortunately, times when I've exhausted the supply in my local inconvenience store and had to resort to the "poor man's Monster" known as Amp Energy.

It's not a bad drink but sort of gutless like most Pepsi products and it doesn't give me any energy or real satisfaction other than having a different green can to drink out of.

Since it was 73 degrees outside, I went out and got myself a couple of slices of pizza (2 for $3) and, surprise, surprise, there was no Monster in the fridge so I had to buy an Amp. But it wasn't the normal black can with green writing on it, it was this (pictured left).

At first I wasn't sure if it was a real Amp or one of those pathetic sugar (and taste) free versions which I still don't understand the point of. On closer inspection, I realised that they'd changed the design on the can to something more contemporary. When I saw the price was "2 for $3" (just like the pizza), I thought "What the Hell", and bought a couple anyway. Let's face it, it's never going to be even as good as Gridlock from Aldi but, if you are thirsty and Amp is on offer, it'll do.

So, I had two slices of pizza (pepperoni and buffalo chicken, in case you wondered) and two Amps. I sat outside, the sun was shining (and Summer seems to be on its way), and I almost enjoyed the experience.

"But what has this got to do with horror?" I hear you ask. Absolutely nothing at all except that I needed a break after filling up my external hard drive with over 600 DVD rips of my favourite horror DVDs. It has taken me years to copy them over using an assortment of programs including "1Click DVD copy" and "DVD Cloner" just for the sake of being able to plug my drive into any of my computers and watch horror movies anywhere without having to drag a load of DVDs around with me.

I'm going to be upgrading my operating system on my desktop computer later this year to openSUSE as I'm a little bit bored with Linux Mint now. Linux Mint all works as well as it should (although I preferred Ubuntu 9.10) so I have no good reason for changing but I can't stand the "Unity vs. Gnome 3 vs. Cinnamon vs. MATE" kerfuffle so I'm switching to KDE. Having all my movies on an external hard drive will mean that I will have a lot of working space again even though I'm bound to drag a lot of them back on, but I will cover all this, of course, in another post.

As you can see in the video below, openSUSE 12.1 matches the Amp can almost perfectly.

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