February 29, 2012

The Ghosts of Motley Hall (1976-1978)

"The series relates the adventures of 5 ghosts who haunt Motley Hall. Each ghost is from a different era and all with the exception of Matt are unable to leave the confines of the building and Matt himself is unable to travel outside the grounds of the Hall."

I just thought I'd post this little piece of nostalgia from my childhood up as I'm sure that there are some people who have never even heard of "The Ghosts of Motley Hall".

It used to be on ITV on Sunday afternoons when I was far too young to really understand it but I watched it anyway. I think it must have helped to warp me into what I am today.

Some of you may recognise Arthur English as Bodkin since he was also in "Are You Being Served" which appears to have a huge American following for reasons which I can't quite fathom. Maybe it's all about Molly Sugden's use of the word "Pussy" and the hilarity which ensues.

Freddie Jones was another very recognisable face from films and TV, but the real big player was Sheila Steafel in the role of The White Lady. I honestly can't even tell today if she was actually pretty or just pretty scary but, either way, she was my favourite character in the series.

I didn't like any of the other actors particularly and absolutely hated the stableboy, Matt, for possibly no other reason than his Northern accent. Being a Southerner tended to create that prejudice in England and I've never really got over it.

Anyway, since some kind soul has uploaded all the episodes of "The Ghosts of Motley Hall" onto YouTube, there's quite a lot there to entertain you should you be in the mood for some rather juvenile British comedy.

The scenario is much like "Beetlejuice" (without the titular character) and even more like a comedic version of "American Horror Story" if you think about it. I wonder if either of those productions was inspired by this one?

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