February 20, 2012

Felidae (1994)

"After his owner relocates, the cat Francis in involved in a series of cat murders in the new neighbourhood. Francis tries to solve the murder cases with others - including Claudandus, a very knowledgeable and old cat."

Although the subject matter belongs on my horror cats blog, it's an adult German cartoon so I've decided to say something about it here instead.

Containing a lot of film noir elements and some very weird looking cats, "Felidae" was an amusing way for me to waste 82 minutes of my life especially as the most horrific thing about it was that, in spite of a lot of hype on certain forums, it wasn't actually very good.

The dubbing was okay but the dialogue was awful in places and the story wasn't much better. It was all a bit too ridiculous. When the cats were actually behaving like cats, it was almost great. Overall, though, it was a little bit too far-fetched and poorly animated to be enjoyable.

The best part was the theme song by Boy George:

At least it didn't cost me anything since I watched the whole thing on YouTube but "Felidae" isn't something which I would recommend to anyone except the very curious. We all know what curiosity did to the cat.

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