February 25, 2012

The biggest collection of horror VHS tapes ever!

Quite by accident, I found this collector on YouTube. He estimates that he has over 2,200 horror VHS tapes (a lot of them are duplicates of the same films). I think he probably has a lot more than that.

If you ever wondered what that number of VHS tapes would look like in the flesh, check out the rest of his videos at KandJHorrordotcom.

Strangely enough, I don't feel at all jealous when seeing a collection like this. In 2005, I had a similarly sized VHS collection which, before I gave all the tapes away, was a huge burden to me especially when I had to keep finding new places to store it all in. I've lost count of the number of bookcases and storage cabinets which I bought over the years.

Storage space is obviously an issue if, like "J", you just collect every horror title with no discernment between good or bad movies, although with VHS tapes being practically worthless nowadays anyway, there's no good reason not to do exactly the same thing if you feel like it.

My only suggestion, should you decide to start collecting, is to buy all your shelving first and dedicate a whole room to your tapes and/or DVDs. Go floor to ceiling all the way around and BE VERY SELECTIVE with the films you choose to buy.

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