October 21, 2011

Lightning Bug (2004)

"A drama/thriller, set in the South, about a young boy who longs to escape the misery of his childhood and the misunderstanding of his hometown. A gifted, self-taught, special effects make-up artist, Green dreams of going to Hollywood to make his own monsters."

I found this on Netflix (although it's also available to watch legally for free on YouTube and the IMDb). Apparently, it's Robert "Laid to Rest" Hall's semi-autobiography with a few dramatic changes.

Since it's all set around Hallowe'en and has a considerable amount of horror content without actually being a horror film itself, I'm including it in my "Hallowe'en Countdown".

Either I'm getting soft (or burnt out with horror), but I really enjoyed "Lightning Bug". It reminded me of a lot of other coming-of-age dramas but the horror fan angle made it appeal to me far more than I expect it would to a more mainstream movie watcher.

Having also thoroughly enjoyed another beautiful coming-of-age drama last weekend, "Malèna" (2000), which everyone else seems to hate, I'm starting to wonder if it's time for me to give up blogging about movies entirely. The amount of arguments I get into on a daily basis make me feel like doing a Barry Norman and walking away from all this bullshit (especially when there are some sycophantic sites out there with almost as many followers as me who remind me of used car salesmen rather than movie reviewers). It's not that I'll ever hate watching movies but I hate those people with shitty taste quite passionately. I've been feeling that I'm casting my pearls before swine for quite a while now.

Talking of swine, there's an excellent scene with a pig in "Lightning Bug" which worked really well. Other than that, it was all fantastic acting even from Ashley Laurence who I didn't realise could actually act, and a great story which was totally satisfying in a rather tragic way.

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