September 23, 2011

A Brush with Death (2007)

"Five cheerleaders spend the night in an abandoned farmhouse and find themselves up against a vengeful ghost."

Let's just say that there's a lot wrong with the blurb on the DVD sleeve and the synopsis available on the IMDb. Cheerleaders? Maybe but you'd never know it from this selection of not entirely attractive non-actresses. Vengeful ghost? Well, no. It's not a supernatural horror movie in any way.

If you were fooled into watching "A Brush with Death" by any online description of the plot then I share your pain as I didn't expect it to be a crappy, low-budget slasher film with no gore or nudity to redeem it either.

"A Brush with Death" has to be one of the worst horror films available on Netflix due to its confusing plot and lack of acting ability of any of its cast. It's actually even more painful to watch the actresses in this waiting to say their lines than the ones in the scenes at the beginning of "He Knows You're Alone" (1980).

Who even cares about the plot as it's just another slasher film with a few badly placed flashbacks to the 1950s, a couple of red herrings, and a twist ending that you wouldn't be able to predict even if you had the patience to pay attention to anything which preceded it.

I absolutely loathe films like this which suggest one thing and then turn out to be something else entirely. Years ago this wouldn't have even made it onto the shelves of my local Blockbuster but unfortunately Netflix isn't quite so discerning.

There are a couple of sexy moments which don't really go anywhere and the flashbacks are slightly better than the main story but, overall, "A Brush with Death" is an instantly forgettable waste of time unless you are really into bikinis.

It looks awful, the sound is bad, and there are so many continuity errors and goofs (including one of the cameramen plainly visible in the middle of a game of "Truth or Dare") that I can't recommend this film to anyone human. Due to one nasty scene involving something furry which was hard to make out even though a "meow" was added, I can't even recommend this mess to animals either.

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