September 20, 2011

41 Days Until Hallowe'en

It's getting closer to Hallowe'en by the minute, so it's about this time every year when I start preparing my horror movie marathon. That means a horror movie every other day which I have never seen before. Good, bad, or average, it doesn't matter. I force myself to watch everything all the way through.

Paradoxically, I watch absolutely no horror films on Hallowe'en itself since I deserve a break. On previous Hallowe'ens I have watched such classics as "Clueless", "Bring It On" (all of them!) and "Legally Blonde". This year I will probably be indulging in the collected works of Pedro Almodóvar. Yes, there's bathos in there somewhere if you dig deeply enough for it.

Anyway, without further ado, here are some hints as to what you can look forward to on this blog during the next 41 days.

WITCHCRAFT! No, not the franchise as even I'm not that much of a masochist but films about witchcraft. As many as I can find basically.

GHOSTS! No Patrick Swayze (well, maybe some Patrick Swayze) but lots of spooky movies even from those certain countries whose movies I can't stand.

MONSTERS! I don't care what it is, if it has no reason to exist then I want to see it! Things with two heads, too many legs, even no head or legs at all. Oh, yes, they will be watched.

I also have a more mainstream Horror Movie Challenge List running on Reddit which has nothing at all to do with what I will be watching but might give you some ideas as we get nearer to Hallowe'en itself.

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