July 21, 2011

Join My Bloody Circle

Even though I consider this blog to be all the social networking I really need right now, out of curiosity I gave in to an invitation to join Google+.

If you haven't seen Google+ in all its glory, just imagine an even more barren form of Facebook with a page of "circles" where you can put your friends into groups and limit which status updates they receive. That's all it is really.

The pages load very quickly unlike MySpace and are probably even faster than Facebook. Not being able to pimp your profile with a ton of graphics, widgets and modules is both the strength and the weakness of Facebook and Google+. You may never have to worry about your browser crashing while dozens of scripts initialize or pictures get rendered but it's sometimes hard to tell exactly whose page you are on and it's boring as hell to look at.

Anyway, if you have a Google+ account feel free to add me to your circles and I'll add you to mine. The link to my profile is on the right of this blog or you can click the Google+ logo above.

If you still need a Google+ invitation just send me a Direct Message through Twitter and I'll sort you out.

One word of caution about Google+ though. It uses your Picasa albums for images and so you have to be careful about what you delete from them. I've already read a couple of horror stories where some people have accidentally deleted all their blog images by mistake.

I also got an invitation from Spotify in my email which interested me a lot more than Google+. I actually requested this invitation a couple of weeks ago because I like the idea of getting free music legally.

If you've never heard of Spotify, it's like a much smaller version of iTunes which you download. The main difference is that it includes some basic social networking abilities and playlist sharing.

After playing around with it for a while, I can tell you that it's quite neat and will certainly give sites like LastFM a run for their money. The only drawback is that it only works on Windows and Macintosh operating systems at the moment although premium (i.e. paying) users can also download and use an unsupported Linux version. Yes, that sounds a bit weird to me too. Why would us cheapskates who use Linux want to pay for anything?

If you want to try out Spotify, again just click on the logo above and sign up. I don't think you even need an invitation for it now either but I may be wrong about that. It all depends on where in the world you live and how willing you are to pay for using the service.

Should you want to share my appalling musical tastes, feel free to add me on Spotify too. My username is exactly the same as the one I use for Twitter - Dr_Blood.

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