July 20, 2011

Jesus wept again

It's a bit better than "Friday" but it doesn't make me happy.

In fact, this is even more annoying than when she was just a spoiled rich kid who got her parents to pay for somebody to create a song for her to begin with (allegedly).

I've got nothing personal against Rebecca Black but I would like to know how she managed to acquire the YouTube account name "rebecca" so easily. You would think that would have gone a long time ago. It's as mysterious as the mole which has disappeared from her face.

I'm also curious about who set up her official website and all the other social media outlets which have suddenly appeared overnight and are all professionally branded.

Ever feel duped? I think there's a record company's PR team behind this somewhere that's forcing a female version of Justin Bieber on us. Yes, I do realise the irony of the last part of what I just wrote there.

I'm so excited about the inevitable parody, "My Breath Mint". How about you?

"This is my Moomin... my Moomin..."

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