June 6, 2011

Red White & Blue (2010)

"In Austin, Texas, the lives of three young people Erica, Franki and Nate intertwine in a fateful, tragic way and head down a rocky and violent road to heart-rending oblivion."

I watched this on Netflix last night after several online recommendations but, as much as wanted to be able to write an uber positive review of it, it wasn't very satisfying.

Basically, "Red White & Blue" [sic] was a more dramatic and far less comedic version of "Very Bad Things" (1998) but made as a revenge story with a few horror elements thrown in.

The acting was average, the camerawork was horrible, and the background music was obnoxiously overpowering in places. All the really good, gory bits at the end were too rushed to enjoy which was a shame because, without them, there's not too much of any interest at all.

I suppose the main problem was that it's supposed to be just a bleak drama more than anything else but relied on a selection of characters who were all somewhat underdeveloped. It's a bit arty and cheap looking in a lot of places too which will alienate a lot of potential viewers within the first ten minutes.

If you do intend to watch "Red White & Blue" then there are a couple of revelations here and there which make it somewhat original but, overall, it's as instantly forgettable as "Dark Justice" (2000) which was another film I watched on Netflix with several good moments amid an otherwise disappointing low-budget effort.

I grudgingly recommend "Red White & Blue" simply because once you've run out of the good films to stream on Netflix, it is one of the better independent titles that you are likely to have recommended to you. As someone who has rated 2435 movies and TV shows since joining Netflix two years ago, I don't have much left on their service which I haven't already seen. I expect if you have massive DVD collections too, you'll often feel the same disappointment.

I've rated "Red White & Blue" as "Just Average" even though to some people it may be slightly more and to others considerably less.

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