June 9, 2011

Lucky Dog Rescue Blog: Humane Society???

I saw this blog earlier and decided to repost a link to it here.

Even though I'm known for being far more of a cat person than a dog lover, I read this blog because I am also 100% opposed to these "Kill Shelters" which masquerade under the name of "Humane Societies".

If you love animals too then I encourage you to click the link and fully read the rest of this post from the "Lucky Dog Rescue Blog".

Lucky Dog Rescue Blog: Humane Society???:

What does the term “humane” really mean? Does it mean kindness, mercy, and compassion? Does it involve a concerted effort to inflict the minimum of physical and emotional pain… in an attempt to minimize suffering? Does it insist on giving consideration to all living creatures?

Shouldn’t “humane” mean that we aim to treat all humans and animals as we'd wish to be treated? That we throw good in the face of evil? That we shed light in the darkness? That we provide hope instead of despair?

Sadly, the word “humane” has been widely abused and misused by some “perceived” animal welfare organizations… in their attempts to provide misleading and deceptive descriptions of their extremely inhumane practices.

And everyone is falling for it…

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