June 1, 2011

It's time for a change

Since I'm being cooked alive by the humidity in this 90 degree weather, I just haven't got the energy or motivation to finish writing any movie reviews even though I'm currently watching "The Spell" (a TV movie from 1977 with a very young Helen Hunt in it). I need to write something though or you'll all think that I've given up blogging entirely.

Sometimes I feel like I've boxed myself in by writing yet another horror movie review blog amidst the many hundreds of others so I want to start writing about all sorts of things from now on and try to live up to those "Versatile Blogger Awards" that I keep getting.

Basically, after 17 years of reviewing horror movies (since I started in magazines back in 1994), it's not that I'm bored with the genre but I'm starting to grow out of it. I've become far more interested in playing around with Linux, Tweeting and just generally surfing the internet in search of other diversions rather than getting on with what I started doing here.

Looking back through "The Vault" at all the titles which I have still made no attempt to rewatch fills me with more disappointment than you could possibly imagine. I have one paragraph reviews for all of them from my previous website and I'm tempted to just repost them all with a YouTube trailer and be done with it. The danger of becoming a poor man's IMDb specializing in horror is an irony that has not escaped me and it's not how I wanted my blog to end up. There are too many blogs like that in existence already.

I also have a couple of other horror-centric blogs, one of which I've abandoned and another that seemed like a good idea at the time but I'm struggling to find more examples for. Starting yet another blog just to ramble on is pretty pointless when I have this one set up already.

Since I now have some regular readers, I'm going to leave the decision as to what to do with this blog open to suggestions. Feel free to leave me some comments if you want me to continue to review horror movies or if you'd prefer me to just write about any old thing that I choose. I'll still be "Dr Blood" and there'll still be videos all over the place but whether or not this stays as a horror blog is the question.

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