June 11, 2011

Celebrities who should be in horror films

Sometimes, just for a bit of fun, I like to imagine female celebrities who are not in the horror film business (or just not actresses at all) in other scenarios. Whether or not they would actually be any good in any other medium is debatable but here's my list anyway.

Lady Gaga
Her music videos almost make her an actor already so why not cash in with some more literal "Monsters"? My suggestion is that she makes a horror movie called "Little Monsters" where she could, of course, play a popstar who gets to the top through black magic and finally gets torn apart by her frenzied tweenage fans.

Rachael Ray
Maybe it's just something I'd like to see but isn't the thought of Rachael Ray getting covered in EVOO and being cooked by a cannibal quite a delicious idea? For obvious reasons, it probably shouldn't be called "The Roast of Rachael Ray". Ah, the irony.

Katy Perry
Her IMDb profile suggests that she'd like to kiss several big name Hollywood actresses so why not give her the chance to do it in a horror movie? Can't you just see Katy in a remake of "The Kiss" or, since she's a cat lover, how about in a reimagining of "Eyes of the Cat" where she could play the aunt?

Sarah Palin
Without trying to be controversial, wouldn't she be ideal in the role of a wicked stepmother? It would certainly cast her against type. As long as she didn't try to play a politician, I think she'd be outstanding with a decent script.

Gwen Stefani
With her movie star looks, I'm surprised that she hasn't done more than impersonate Jean Harlow in "The Aviator". What would be a good horror role to cast her in though? I think Gwen would make a pretty good vampire like Delphine Seyrig in "Daughters of Darkness". She's the right age now to do it too.

Anna Kournikova
Although she's the world's sexiest tennis player, Anna also has some very "girl next door" looks which might give her a chance as a final girl in a slasher movie. Like most actresses in those roles, she'd only have to run about a lot and she does that already.

She obviously needs to be a "She-wolf" of some kind but I also think that she'd make a good ghost if anyone ever attempted to make "The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall" into a movie. Maybe it's just because I want to see her dripping wet like she is in most of her music videos.

Can you think of any others who might be good in horror movies?

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