May 10, 2011

My Cinematic Alphabet

Even though my entire blog could be described as an A-Z of horror movies, I saw this meme being passed around a while back and have finally given it a go.

I'm not going to post a ton of screencaps or videos. This is just a quick list and short explanation of why each film that I've chosen is on there.

A is for An American Werewolf in London because it isn't a horror-comedy.
B is for Bram Stoker's Dracula and the scene where Mina kisses Lucy.
C is for The Collector starring Terence Stamp as a kidnapper of pretty girls.
D is for Dawn of the Dead since I prefer the remake over the original.
E is for Event Horizon because even though it's sci-fi, it's still horror.
F is for Frankenstein Created Woman which is the best thing Hammer did.
G is for The Ghoul starring Peter Cushing and John Hurt in their best roles ever.
H is for Hellraiser II: Hellbound because I would do Julia too.
I is for It especially the first half of this Stephen King adaptation.
J is for Jaws just because I like the male-bonding scenes.
K is for The Kingdom (aka "Riget") which I watched religiously on BBC2.
L is for The Legend of Hell House for outstandingly sexy Gayle Hunnicut.
M is for Monkey Shines because I used to like monkeys.
N is for The New Daughter which has the best director's commentary ever.
O is for Orphan for all the wrong reasons.
P is for Phantoms (aka "Meridien") for werewolf-sex with Sherilyn Fenn.
Q is for Q - The Winged Serpent which nobody seems to remember except me.
R is for Rawhead Rex because it's so underrated.
S is for Satan's Triangle which scared me a child.
T is for Teeth just for Jess Weixler getting progressively hotter.
U is for The Unnameable for having a great monster which it wastes.
V is for The Vineyard because I liked the brunette with big boobs in it.
W is for The Woods which is a million times better than "Suspiria".
X is for The X-Files movie from 1998 which killed the overrated TV series.
Y is for Young Frankenstein even though I don't really like it.
Z is for Zoltan: Hound of Dracula because it's almost the stupidest idea for a horror movie that anyone could think of.

And just for the sake of "LinkWithin", here's a picture of Willow asleep.

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