April 20, 2011

I need help with the name of a film

Here's a kind of competition for you. Let's see if you can work out the name of the film that I am going to describe using the few details that I can remember.

I just watched "The Disappearance of Alice Creed" (2009) which was excellent and I might review it later even though it wasn't a horror film. Anyway, it put me in mind of another film which I watched late at night on TVS or Meridian back in England probably around 2003-2004. I don't remember if I saw the beginning or the end and so have no idea what it was called.

Here are the bits that I remember:

1) Either a blonde American TV celebrity or pornstar is kidnapped for ransom.

2) She is shown either having sex or being raped (though probably not raped) on either a website or some kind of cable channel. The "rapist" is the leader of the gang of kidnappers who she seems to fancy a bit so it's not even rape. It's something like a business arrangement and not done for love.

3) Something to do with the kidnapping is to either boost ratings or get a load of internet hits with the result being a huge sum of money.

4) Maybe it isn't about ransom at all.

5) One of the kidnappers turns out to be the victim's boyfriend. He's black and probably famous but maybe not for acting. She has been in cahoots with him all along.

6) The head kidnapper is some kind of overly handsome actor who (and this could be a false memory) dresses like a medallion man with a white suit and black shirt. I'm thinking along the lines of Chris Sarandon or maybe someone with a beard... not sure about the beard.

7) Weirdly, the kidnap "victim" and her boyfriend have set up the whole thing.

8) I think the black guy kills his boss then the blonde kills him and takes the money.

9) Possibly she doesn't get the money either.

10) The film could have been made anytime from the late 80s up to 2000.

That's all I remember. I don't know why but I keep thinking that Traci Lords was in this but I know the blonde wasn't her. She's some kind of actress who isn't really an actress if you know what I mean, like a pornstar previously, but she did a pretty good job anyway.

Anyway, if you have any idea at all what this film is called please let me know. Even if you don't know, take a guess. You might be right.


I finally found out that the film was called "Stealing Candy" (2003).

From the IMDb:

Three ex-cons kidnap a famous movie star.

Director: Mark L. Lester
Writers: C. Courtney Joyner (screenplay), Dana Dubovsky (story)
Stars: Daniel Baldwin, Coolio, Jenya Lano and Alex McArthur

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