March 10, 2006

An interview with Zoe Hunter

Zoe Hunter is one of the stars of "Witchcraft 13: Blood of the Chosen" (2008).

Zoe was born and raised in Dutchess County, outside of NYC. She spent her childhood and teen years studying voice, dance and acting. She graduated from SUNY Fredonia with a BFA in Musical Theatre and discovered her love for horror movies in college. Upon graduation, she moved to Hoboken, NJ where she pursued a career in singing/theatre/cabaret and commercials.

After traveling with cabaret shows, and industrials, and appearing in several off-off and off broadway shows, Zoe decided to give the big screen a try.

In 2001, she was cast as the vivacious Piper King in Tony Urban's "Klownz" and she was hooked on horror. A true scream queen at heart, Zoe fell in love with working and screaming on the set.

Currently, Zoe is living in upstate NY with her husband, Duncan and two chihuahuas, Ginger and Chai. She enjoys travelling and meeting horror fans and filmmakers.

In March 2006, Zoe was one of the first actresses who I interviewed through MySpace. Here's what she had to say...

How did you become a scream queen?
I responded to a casting for Crazy Ralph Films... and loved working on their feature, 'Klownz' so much that I kept seeking horror roles.

What has been the high point of your career so far? And what has been the lowest?
I don't think I have hit the high point yet, as things keep getting better and better, and the lowest was when I took some time off to get married and move... I went crazy without an acting project.

Who do you admire in show business?
I love actors who challenge themselves and don't allow any stereotyping or pigeonholing. I especially love beautiful actresses who arent afraid to be 'ugly': Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron.

What part of the industry really pisses you off?
I hate when people judge by looks, and all of the nepotism. Let's be openminded and cast some unknowns who aren't related to a famous director!!

Do you think that you are unique?
Oh yes... between my red hair and curvy figure... I think I stand out in a crowd!

Do you have any aspirations to be an actor in a big budget major motion picture?
Yes... and have just started auditioning for bigger budget projects. I can't wait for a big budget horror feature!

What would be your ideal role?
I would love to play a woman with a terrible addiction, or impairment. I also love women who are killers or who abuse men!

If you were cast in an episode of 'Lost' who would you befriend and who would you least like to have an onscreen romance with?
Ooh, I love this show and have seen every episode, it is on my tivo! I would definitely hang with Sawyer... and would choose him over the Dr. I would least likely have a romance with Jin... he is not very nice and treats his wife horribly.

Have you ever thought of being on a reality TV show such as Big Brother?
I don't think I would last very long on a long term show... but have appeared on two short term reality based shows... and just auditioned for another.

What do you like to do most when not filming?
I love to shop, read books (I read 3-4 a week), spend time with my hubby and my puppies, drive my new sportscar, and I enter sweepstakes. No, really... I win too! I won three trips last year and many many things so far!

Have you ever bought anything from ebay or a garage sale?
Yes... I have been a member of ebay since 1999 and have over 600 exchanges. I collect Marc Jacobs and vintage Gucci purses as well as shoes.

Have you ever stayed awake more than 24 hours in a row, internetting for instance?
I can't do that anymore... I always get sick if I don't get enough sleep, or I don't eat.

When was the last time you were ill?
Yesterday... I must have gotten a cold over the weekend on the plane. (I was in Chicago for the Fangoria Fest this past weekend.)

Do you get any scary fans or have they all been nice to you?
Everyone I met so far have been lovely. I get great emails!

What is your favourite meal? Do you have a favourite recipe?
I love to make homemade bread and coffee drinks. I make fabulous pancakes and cookies and love to bake! As for food that I love: lobster, sushi (especially Nobu), caviar, and cheesecake.

Have you ever had traditional English fish and chips washed down with Tizer?
Ah... yes I have visited London and England a couple of times and love fish and chips... although I don't really drink alcohol!

Sorry, I should have told you that Tizer was a red carbonated soft drink which I don't think you have in America. It matches your hair colour. What then is your favourite brand of cola?
Hmm... anything diet... I think the new Diet Dr Pepper with cherry.

Ah diet, so you don't eat a lot of crisps (potato chips) then?
Not really... I prefer popcorn.

How about candy? How many toffees can you get into your mouth in one go?
I'm guessing three.

If you were a Simpsons character who would it be, I'm guessing neither Homer or Marge?
Most likely I will piss fans off, but I hate the Simpsons... and never watch it... the voices annoy me.

If you could be anyone else who would you want to be?
I like being me.

If you were able to go anywhere in time, where would you go and what would you do there?
I would go back and hang out with Marilyn Monroe... and become a pin-up girl in the 50s.

Would you have your picture taken in a Dr Blood's Video Vault t-shirt if you were sent one?
Yes... definitely...

Thank you.

You can find out more by visiting Zoe at and She can also be contacted at:

All pictures of Zoe Hunter on this page are copyrighted to Zoe Hunter and are used here with permission. (Date of interview: Friday, 10th March, 2006)

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