January 17, 2011

Don't declaw!

Don't declaw your cats!!!

This cruel and inhumane practice still occurs in America and it disgusts me. There's a good reason why declawing is illegal in every other country in the world.

Declawing is painful, leaves a cat maimed and changes its personality for the worse. Yours would change too if you had feelings of phantom toes, the inability to stretch properly and crippling arthritis later in life.

And what's the point of this anyway? So your cheap chipboard Sauder furniture doesn't get scratched? If you care more about your sofa than you do your cat then you shouldn't even have a cat in the first place.

Boycott any vets who still perform declawing operations and hit them where it hurts - in their wallets. Maybe the laws will get changed for the rest of America as they have already started to in California.

Yes, this is a horror blog and stuff like this is truly horrific.

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