October 21, 2010


A couple of days ago I had the bright idea to delete all my blog posts from MySpace and move any of the interesting ones over to the "Notes" section of Facebook. What I didn't realise when I started doing this was that since the beginning of 2006, when I started my blog on MySpace, I had accumulated over 1000 ramblings. Because of the nature of the now useless (category less) MySpace blogging system, I had to delete each post individually and confirm, "Are you sure you want to remove this?" every single time. I'd already added the horror movie reviews to Blogger so I was just looking for anything else I wanted to save. Apart from a few lethally hot curry recipes, I didn't find much.

Basically, it took me almost a whole day to delete all the now uninteresting (to me) and outdated junk featuring YouTube videos which no longer even exist, surveys which nobody ever read, and a lot of bitching about everything from how various versions of Linux didn't work too well for me to how I just got ripped off yet again by ebay sellers.

But then I got addicted to deleting everything in my path. I got rid of all the stupid apps and games which I never used, all the obviously non-celebrity run "official" celebrity profiles, and, in total, about 87,000 "friends" who I've never even heard from apart from seeing them spam the bulletins section.

So, anyway, I finally ended up with just 40 real friends left on MySpace, updated my profile to version 3.0, and changed the layout of the modules so that only my Blogger updates are being posted via Twitter.

Now that I've cleared all the detritus, I actually really like MySpace again and I've always preferred it to Facebook. I used to love the bugs in it which caused the bulletins to all magically go away if you had over 1000 friends and how you could just about tweak anything. All that is due to change though as a new MySpace is coming soon and I have a horrible feeling that it's going to involve WordPress just like Microsoft are doing with their Live Space pages. Yes, I have one of those too which I never use.

Why am I writing about this on a horror movie blog? Well, we all use these social networking sites and it's funny how the same people turn up everywhere. I'm sure there are really only about 2000 hardcore horror fans who use the internet regularly and, out of those, only 500 or so who actually contribute anything whether it be a website, blog or just posting on message boards.

What social networking sites do you still use?

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