May 31, 2006

An Interview with Noel Francomano

Noel Francomano (aka Rogue) is a NYC based actress/model and comedian.

She has starred in such films as "Prison of the Psychotic Damned" (2006) and "Crazy Love" and has just been cast in a new horror film called "As They Fall".

In May 2006, Noel kindly agreed to answer a few questions for me. Here's what she had to say...

How did you become an actress?
Well... I was quite the rambunctious and out of control kid. Not to mention bordering on the weird side... so theatre was a natural place for me to end up. My 1st play was called King Sausage. I played the Princess everyone fought over... I still can't get over that they called the damn play KING SAUSAGE!! From there I went on to community theatre and high school productions. Then into college for the studio program and then I was off to NYC! Where I started playing clubs and getting more into film.

What are your current projects?
I was just cast in two new films... "Rock Fight" with Guinea Pig Productions which will shoot in Mexico in the fall. And a horror film shooting in New Hampshire called "As they Fall".

What has been the high point of your career so far?
Wow... high far I'd have to say all the interviews and pictorials I have been getting. I just landed the August edition of VIRUS magazine which is really cool. VIRUS is an awesome publication. That and being SCARS first woman in print is pretty cool. Hey maybe it will become a collectors edition. Who knows!!

Who do you admire in show business? Who is your favourite actor/actress?
I admire anyone who has the determination and drive to never stop trying for the dream. It's a hard career path to choose with a lot of rejection. Takes a thick skin for sure. As far as actors/actresses go.. Without a doubt Johnny Depp. I just love the choices he makes for films. And I am quite fond of Scarlett Johanson and Jennifer Connoly. Angelina for her bizarreness..

What part of the industry really pisses you off?
ASSHOLES!! I have had the great displeasure of running into a few of these. Especially people who are in the biz only to make $$ and not for the true love of the art. And one... Asshat producer who doesn't know shit about filmmaking and takes advantage of cast and crew who work countless hours in shit conditions to make something THEY believe in.

Do you think that you are unique?
Hell yeah I'm unique... I had a 5th grade teacher who gave me a plaque that said "You are special and Unique" so... it has to be true right?

Do you have any aspirations to be an actor in a big budget major motion picture?
Who doesn't?!... I think it is a HUGE gift to be able to live what you dream. I have no plans to stop trying anytime soon. :)

What is your favourite film ever?
Hmmm... that's a hard one there are so many. Fave fantasy film LOTR... Fave horror: The Exorcist... Fave Comedy: What About Bob?

What would be your ideal role?
I'd like to get a part that I can really dive into emotionally. A lot of the parts I get are campy and fun. I'd really like a deep emotional role or the complete opposite ... straight comedy!

Do you like to break rules or are you a good girl?
I have gotten everything I have in life by NOT following the rules.

If you were cast in an episode of 'Invasion' or 'Lost' who would you befriend and who would you least like to have an onscreen romance with?
I'd go with "Lost"... "invasion" never held my interest... I would NOT want a romance with fat bastard and I'd definitely befriend Lock...

Have you ever thought of being on a reality TV show such as Big Brother?
Hell no. That's death to any actor. I'll watch it though! But not Big Brother... that show sucks donkey balls. And while we're on the subject can someone for the love of God kill all those MTV shit heels they keep recycling! CHRIST!! You guys were loser dipshits in highschool and still are... why do we care?!!

What do you like to do most when not acting?
Im a huge gamer. I love PS2. Im totally addicted to Katamari. But also have a fondness for RPG games especially ones that have riddles to figure out. RESIDENT EVIL!!!

Have you ever bought anything from ebay or a garage sale?
Yes actually I bought a curling iron from one... loved that damn thing.

What is your favourite brand of make-up?
Hmmm... I like Mac... but tend to use a lot of Loreal.

Have you ever stayed awake more than 24 hours in a row, internetting for instance?
Not internetting but yea I was up for 48 hrs on a trip to Denmark. For some reason I thought it'd be a good idea to drink. I was out of commission for the entire next day. STUPID.

What time do you normally get up and go to bed?
I'm usually up by 6:30 and bed by 11 unless its the weekend... then it's up for grabs.

When was the last time you were ill?
HA! Yesterday!!!

Do you get obsessive fans or have you escaped so far?
I don't know... I guess I've escaped so far.... either that or they are really great at hiding out.

Do you get any scary fans or have they all been nice to you?
Well... I have one who writes horror porn and wanted to write a story about me called Noel's legs. Basically its about a lot of weird sex and my legs being cut off or something. Yeah was strange and I look forward to reading it! Behind the safety net of my restraining order.

What is your favourite meal? Do you have a favourite recipe?
Meal... without a doubt Maryland Steamed Crabs, cold beer and butter... favorite recipe... Guiness Stew... mmmmm delicious.

Do you eat a lot of chocolate?
I'm not too big on sweets, I'm more of a meat and potato type girl.

How many cheesey poofs can you get into your mouth in one go?
I have a pretty big mouth... lets say 20.

Have you ever had traditional English fish and chips washed down with Tizer?
I have not... but I would love to...

What is your favourite brand of cola?
Argh.... Mr. Pibb!!

Do you like dentists?
I like my dentist Dr. Tacos he's pretty funny... but as far as sitting in the chair goes... screw that!

What music do you like?
Metal... good metal.

If you could be anyone else who would you want to be?
I'd want to be me... just an uber successful me.

If you were able to go anywhere in time, where would you go and what would you do there?
I'd go back to highschool knowing what I know now. I'd study harder and work more on acting and learning. Then I'd stage a huge coup and maybe burn down the establishment.

Did you do well at school or did you hate it?
I hated high school. Mostly because I didn't know who I was. College I loved!! I'd go back in a minute.

If you were a cartoon character who would it be?

If you were a Simpsons character who would it be?
I'd love to be Homer because by far he is the most hilarious. Honestly I'd probably get cast as Lisa.

If you were stranded on a desert island which three things would you like to have with you?
Music, PS2, Beer.

What would you like to win?
An Oscar - but I'd settle for an American Comedy Award too.

Which question would you most like to be asked?

Would 5 million an episode do?

And the answer to that question?

Yes it would.

What do you like most about Dr Blood's Video Vault? What else should be on here?
It's pretty thorough just needs more me. LOL

Would you have your picture taken in a Dr Blood's Video Vault t-shirt if you were sent one?
Have you SEEN my portfolio??? A Dr Blood T is more than what I usually wear! LOL

Thank you.

Please check out Rogue's MySpace page to find out even more about her.

All pictures of Noel Francomano on this page are copyrighted to Noel Francomano and are used here with permission. (Date of interview: Wednesday, 31st May, 2006)

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