July 18, 2010

Yet Another Horror Movie Blog!

I've started another horror movie blog on here called "The Mill Creek Horror Watcher". I've bought a few of these value DVD box sets over the years and intend to review all the movies in them eventually.

I just don't want to clog up this blog with all those bad transfers and usually godawful "B movies" especially as I get to see enough of those as it is. I've even been neglecting to fill in the "Vault" section because I was playing catch-up with all the Zone Horror handycam rubbish. I started to think that I should have called this blog, "The Ultimate Guide to the Worst Horror Films Ever Made!" instead.

Anyway, I haven't really done anything on this other blog yet apart from setting up the layout. I'll be alternating between "Dr Blood's Video Vault" and "The Mill Creek Horror Watcher" for a while so things may be a bit quieter on here.

If I find any good movies among all the junk then I will, of course, post the review on "Dr Blood's Video Vault" as well.

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