July 7, 2000

To Sleep With A Vampire (1993)

"Scott Valentine is a vampire who is torn between his need to feed and his desire to learn about the world of humans. But when he kidnaps Nina, a beautiful but troubled stripper, his world is turned upside down. For after she discovers that he cannot be hurt physically, Nina tries a new tactic - seduction."

If you've never seen the low budget horror "Dance of the Damned" (made in 1988) then you'll probably think this is quite good. However, if you have seen "Dance of the Damned" then you'll soon realise that "To Sleep With A Vampire" is just a scene by scene inferior remake (or blatant ripoff).

There isn't much of a story. The vampire of the title goes to a strip club, kidnaps a stripper who wants to commit suicide, then talks to her all night. Obviously she changes her mind about wanting to die or there wouldn't be much of a film here at all!

All I was looking forward to was the bit where Charlie Spradling (Nina) gets strumped by the vampire (the title sort of gave away what was going to happen) but when it did occur it wasn't all that special. The love story element was also all a bit fake. She's still a nice looking woman though.

There are some unintentional laughs as every now and then Scott Valentine (the vampire) throws Charlie across the room for no particularly good reason. It's a bit excessive and he really shouldn't play with his food like that! In fact he tends to throw a lot of things and people. I suppose that's his special power apart from having exceedingly long nails from time to time.

It was all just a little bit below average. The acting was OK and it was a nice idea but it was done better before.

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