April 4, 2007

Son of Darkness: To Die For II (1991)

"Vampires come to town. Who's a vampire? Who's not? Ask our main character, who is suspicious, and our main character's brother, who gets seduced by one."

I have no idea why this is called "To Die For II" as it has nothing at all to do with the 1994 Nicole Kidman film where she played a sexy, murdering weathergirl. Was there a vampire movie of the same name that I missed along the way? I have no idea. Since this film was made in 1991, I suppose there must have been... (oh yes, in 1989... never heard of it.)

Anyway, this one stars Michael Praed who used to be Robin Hood, as Vlad Tepes (i.e. Dracula) and just goes to show why he hasn't really been in anything of note since he quit as Robin Hood. The whole film is a waste of time.

Briefly, the story is that a vampire named Max Shreck (oh dear, another "Nosferatu" reference!), who now works as a doctor in a California hospital (oh god!), finds that his lost child is now taken care of by a pretty young woman called Nina and her brother who live in a cabin in the mountains. Of course, since he is Michael Praed, he soon gets Nina to fall in love with him and everything seems rosy. But then his evil brother and his ex-girlfriend turn up and start attacking the local town's inhabitants.

There was very little vampire action and, although the women in the film were gorgeous, there wasn't exactly a very erotic element to this story either. There was, however, a lot of boring waffle about vampires and everybody seemed to be too stupid to realise that Max Shreck and Vlad Tepes were both allusive names for Dracula.

This movie must have had quite a big budget as there are lots of big TV actors in it including Rosalind Allen, Steve Bond, Jay Underwood, and Amanda Wyss. Who? Oh you'll see them crop up in all sorts of things like "E.R", "Silk Stalkings", "JAG" and "C.S.I." (and all the other crappy American rubbish that I never watch!).

It all looks nice and is filmed well, but it's just so drawn out and pointless that it's more suitable as a cure for insomnia than as a horror film. It isn't scary and there isn't a lot of blood and gore in it either. It's all like a badly done version of "Dark Shadows". I think it is supposed to be one of those "doomed love story" things as well so it was probably made for little girls who read "Mills and Boon" romance novels rather than vampire movie lovers.

My rating? 2 out of 10 for Amanda Wyss on her own. I really couldn't care less about the rest of the film at all.

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