February 15, 2008

Right at Your Door (2006)

"In the wake of the detonation of a 'dirty bomb' in LA and under the instruction of a public service announcement, Brad barricades himself within his home. With his wife Lexi on her way to work, he desperately tries to call her in an attempt to find out if she is safe and well. As time elapses and his worse fear looks set to manifest, Lexi appears outside the family home. If he allows his wife inside, he risks contaminating the house with deadly germs but leaving Lexi outside leaves her vulnerable to infection. Brad's dilemma is a harsh one and hinges on a decision that cannot be made lightly. What would you do?"

Another complete waste of space from Lionsgate. In this one, a dirty bomb goes off in Los Angeles releasing a dust cloud of deadly bacteria and the rest of the film focuses on a husband trapped inside the house he has sealed up while his wife makes her way back home and has to stay outside.

So, as you can imagine, it tries to have lots of tension and suspense but they achieved this so well that I fell asleep half a dozen times waiting for something to happen. Anything!

Yes, there's a twist which the hard of understanding won't notice coming until the end but everyone else in the world who has ever seen a Twilight Zone episode (or who has stayed awake for the first ten minutes of the film!) will get straight away.

It's just another load of talky political nonsense with no action and nothing that you will care about one way or another. It's about a three out of ten on the entertainment scale and is the kind of thing that would end up on some kind of "True Movies" channel if only it was true and not a load of made up cock and bull.

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