July 12, 2010

Predators (2010)

I'm not sure whether "Predators" was supposed to be a reboot, a remake or just yet another sequel in a franchise that really should have ended with "Predator 2".

There was too much CGI, not enough of the predators themselves, and a storyline pretty much lifted straight out of the "Cube" movies. It all looked good though.

I thought the acting sucked right across the board with miscastings in every direction. Adrien Brody was no Arnold Schwarzenegger by any stretch of the imagination and Topher Grace was even less credible than when he tried to play a bad guy in "Spider-Man 3".

The pacing was all over the place too. There were some deadly dull moments where nothing was happening and then big rushes of action sequences which were over too fast. At nearly 2 hours long, it's a real ass-numbing experience with very little to justify it.

I expect all the "Aliens" and "Predator" fanboys loved it but there wasn't anything in this film for me. The gore was minimal, there was no sexiness, and even the swearing wasn't really enough to make it adult.

Action scenes were all camera effects, quickcuts, noise and mess. Though not as bad as the "AVP" movies, they were still pretty terrible. The predators seem very easy to kill compared to previous incarnations too.

Nimrod Antal, the director, has still only made one film that I've enjoyed. No, not "Vacancy" which was lame but "Kontroll". I'm also starting to associate Robert Rodriguez's name with total crap now too. In fact, as soon as I see him listed as a producer on anything I lose interest immediately. I can't understand the following he has as I honestly don't remember a single movie that he has had anything to do with that I've liked.

"Predators" is just another stupid "Summer movie" which will get a few seats filled up in the cinemas mainly because there's nothing better to watch at the moment. I won't buy it on DVD when it comes out because it was just another throwaway story which showed complete contempt for the audience.

I'm not going to list all the plotholes, pitiful cameos, or total lack of imagination that went into this film as I'm sure you'll see all these faults for yourself.

If I had to rate "Predators" out of 10 then it would be a 2. I didn't enjoy it, was actually quite bored most of the time, and was very disappointed. It's not going to fail at the box office but it doesn't really deserve to make anything. It's another one destined for the Wal-Mart $4 DVD bin or be combined with the "AVP" sets just to get rid of it.

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