July 5, 2000

Necromancer (1988)

"A schoolgirl is raped by three low-lifes, and is then blackmailed by her attackers to keep her quiet. Desperate for revenge, she makes contact with a necromancer, who promptly 'takes care' of the boys using her magic powers."

For a start the girl isn't a "schoolgirl". In spite of wearing little white socks with her shoes (remember this was the 80s), she's a fully formed university student. The "low-lifes" who rape her are also students in the same college so they are hardly the dishevelled street bums that I was expecting.

You see there's a problem with how this attractive blonde played by Elizabeth Cayton (or Kaitan now she's changed her screen name) gets raped. She's up to mischief too breaking into the university after dark to steal back a love letter she wrote to the professor she's having an affair with. So when she gets raped by the other students, who are there to steal exam papers, she can't just go to the police. A bigger complication comes in the form of her boyfriend who doesn't know about the professor and certainly wouldn't understand the rape. So what does she do? She phones the number from an advertisment in the newspaper for a necromancer to help her get revenge. Well, you would, wouldn't you?

The necromancer is actually quite attractive but she's an evil cow as you would expect. With the deal done, each of the rapists, and then the professor, gets his just desserts when a demon starts showing up, seducing them, changing form, and ripping them to shreds. Sounds good, doesn't it? It isn't.

Unfortunately, in spite of having one of the most gorgeous blondes I have ever seen as a lead, and having fairly credible acting coupled with amusing 80s fashions to ridicule, the demon monster thing is absolutely ludicrous.

Every time it came on screen I kept thinking "Blobby, Mr Blobby..." (damn that song!). The demon doesn't actually look like "Mr Blobby" though. It's not pink with yellow spots but red and sort of gellatinous. It also has glowing green eyes which were added later and don't actually stay attached to its head.

During one scene when the blonde transforms into the demon (which is ok as her eyes just flash green before it happens), the end result is the red blobby monster with a blonde wig on. It's not the funniest thing I've ever seen but it did remind me a lot of a previous girlfriend of mine.

Anyway, this film is all routine and runs pretty much how you would expect. It isn't a bad story but it is very predictable. The nude scenes are over too quickly but the girl is nice to look at. Also watch out for the guy with green sides to his hair... what a geek!

If it didn't have the stupid demon, I would say this film was average.

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