July 14, 2000

Lovers Lane (2000)

(AKA I'm Still Waiting for You)

"Thirteen years ago on Valentine's Day, two young lovers were brutally murdered at the local Lovers Lane. The killer, known as the Hook because of his weapon, was caught and arrested by the police and imprisoned in a nearby institution for the criminally insane. However, now it's Valentine's Day again - and the Hook has escaped."

In reality this is an "I Know What You Did Last Summer" ripoff complete with a hook-handed killer. It is therefore no surprise that this was retitled for the UK market as "I'm Still Waiting for You" complete with video sleeve artwork that looked almost identical. Don't confuse it with "I've Been Waiting for You" though as this is 1000 times more crap.

If it had some humourous moments you could almost see this as a comedy but it's so bad it isn't funny. All the actors look like the other actors from similar teen slashers but aren't even half as good. It has Anna Faris in it though as a cheerleader who doesn't change her costume for the entire movie.

I might write a fuller review once I've watched this totally unscary, goreless (or should that be gormless?) pile of steaming excrement again as for some reason I couldn't find all the nudie bits that must be in the movie somewhere. What? Not only are there no gory death scenes but there aren't any nudie bits either...? I don't think I'll bother then.

1 out of 10 because it has the pretty girl in it from "Scary Movie". Unoriginal, stupid, pointless ...and did I mention "ripoff"?

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