July 14, 2006

Left in Darkness (2006)

"A young woman, whose mother died giving birth to her, is facing eternal life in either Heaven or Hell. She must make the choice who to listen to, her guardian angel, whom she met when she was a child, or the evil ones."

There was only one reason why I watched this - Monica Keena. Yes, she's the one with the sexy mouth who starred in "Long Distance" which I reviewed a little while ago.

"Left in Darkness" wasn't a particularly good film. It wasn't a really bad one either. It was just a bit insipid and pointless with more plot holes (if you really want to think about it) than a slice of Emmental.

If you are really stuck for a ghostie film, you could watch it but it won't satisfy you as much as something like "Sixth Sense" (a film I loathe so probably not a good comparison!). I suppose I should compare it to "Darkness" (the one with Sean Bean in it) but it wasn't really all that mythical. I'm a bit torn with how to describe this one.

I'd add this to my collection just for Monica's lips though as I find them strangely hypnotic. Other people might want it because it has Tim "Jack Deth' Thomerson in it briefly. But I suppose you want to know about the story? I'm not going to tell you because even the trailer gives too much away. Suffice it to say that a lot of it takes place in a very complicated kind of Purgatory.

It's different I suppose yet the situations and denouement are sort of predictable. Warning signs are in the blurb on the DVD sleeve. When actors get mentioned by their previous "good" films it usually means that this one won't be. In this case it's just very average. Not very gory, not very scary, but it has Monica Keena looking all gorgeous and pouty... oh, and it's supposed to make you think about about the afterlife...

It was shot well, the sound was good and, generally, the acting was fine. It felt like a much better film than it actually was. If I gave it 4 out of 10 I'd probably be only marking it down because it didn't really go anywhere even though it was entertaining. I can't really be any fairer than that.

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