July 28, 2010

How many films have you watched?

As I was browsing through some of the other blogs on here, I noticed huge lists of everything people have watched and, since I was procrastinating about writing another review anyway, I started making out a list of every movie I've ever seen too.

That was at 7am yesterday morning! Give or take a few cigarette breaks it took me until 12.30am today to actually get as far as posting a few thousand titles on my own "Every Film That I've Ever Watched" page. I replaced my "Non-Horror" page with it as it was getting pretty messy on there. I don't expect that I'll even finish it either since I've forgotten almost as many film titles as I could remember.

But it started me thinking. How many films have I REALLY watched and how much time have I spent watching them? I even got out my calculator to do some sums.

For example, if I'd watched 5000 films then, assuming that they were on average 90 minutes each in length, I'd get this:

5000 x 90 mins = 450000.
450000 / 60 = 7500 hours.
7500 / 24 = 312.5 days.

That's nearly a whole year of my life spent watching films. Do I regret it? Hell, no. I love watching films!

I'm just glad that I don't actually own copies of everything I've ever seen though. Apart from the obvious fire hazard and thought of dying in pools of melted plastic one day, the cost of 5000 movies alone would be probably $100,000 or more if you start adding Blurays into the equation. I have around 2000 DVDs and a couple of hundred VHS tapes so I've wasted a fair bit of money on these things myself (not to mention cable and satellite subscriptions, cinema tickets, Netflix and other rentals).

So how many movies have you watched? How many have you forgotten? And how many do you own copies of as a percentage of how many you've actually watched?

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