July 2, 2006

Hoboken Hollow (2005)

"As Trevor drifts through Texas on collision course with a nightmare he is still haunted by the evils of the war he recently returned from and a promise he failed to keep. When a stranger offers a ride, Trevor finds himself battling the brutal homegrown evil of the Broderick family at Hoboken Hollow, a remote West Texas ranch that many visit but few ever leave."

I should know by now that any film that promises the acting abilities of Jason Connery, C. Thomas Howell, Dennis Hopper and Greg Evigan is bound to fail, either collectively or individually. All of them have had their great moments in film and TV but somehow they keep ending up in the worst straight to video efforts.

A few years ago Greg Evigan was in a pretty good supernatural tale set in Ireland called "Spectres" but it seems to have had about half a dozen titles internationally. There was a witchy girl in it that was very attractive as I recall.

Anyway, what was wrong with "Hobokon Hollow" apart from the cast? The script was good but the direction was run of the mill and so the story lost any tension that would have made the film worthwhile. Supposedly based on a true story, none of the baddies got their comeuppance either.

There was gore, but it was all very fake and when it looked like it was going to get good, it was over. A few head severings would have been a more pleasing ending for me.

This was like a poor man's version of every "Ed Gein" inspired story out there. Nothing new, nothing very entertaining, and the most ludicrous thing is that all the characters could have escaped the place at any time... great big blokes like they were! It was just stupid.

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