September 3, 2005

Ghost Game (2005)

"Seven friends go out to a cabin for a weekend of relaxing and find a game that should not be opened!"

A group of friends decide to take a camping trip to an old cabin by a lake in the middle of the woods. Hmmm, so not a very original plot. Do you think that maybe they will get killed off one by one just like in "Friday the 13th" perhaps? Or maybe they will call up some "Evil Dead" style spirits? Yup, they will, on both counts.

Anyway, once set up in their cabin they find an old game and decide to play. Well, you would, wouldn't you? Actually, I wouldn't if I was surrounded by all the pretty actresses in this film (including Sarah Shoup and Alexandra Barreto) but that's another story! Somehow I think the director missed the obvious fact that sexy teenagers left alone in a cabin in the woods are hardly likely to play any other kind of game except hide the sausage. Actually, he did notice but in spite of a quick reference by one of the "teenage" (in reality a lot older!) boys before commencing the game, nothing was made of the potential horniness factor here.

This game though, the "Ghost Game" (wooooh!), releases the spirits of three witches who died while performing a dangerous ritual years earlier. Soon these witches (all of whom are even more gorgeous that the teenagers they are terrorizing!) begin killing the campers in various not very gory ways. Uh, yeah, I knew this would happen!

The group realizes they have to keep playing the game to try and save themselves but, of course, it doesn't exactly help.

The acting was quite good considering how poor the script was and it all looks well shot on video. Shots are framed well and so it doesn't look any worse than a TV programme (possibly due to having all those CSI actresses in it). It's not something that would work on a big screen due to needing a claustrophobic atmosphere especially as it doesn't have a great deal of suspense otherwise.

It was just so unoriginal and predictable not to mention NOT SCARY AT ALL!

But, if you like seeing lots of teenagers running round screaming and dying all over the place in a film with one of the lamest endings ever then this is for you!

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