July 16, 2004

The Doorway (2000)

"Four college students looking for a cheap place to live have found what looks to be a dream deal: in exchange for renovating a broken-down old mansion, they will not only get paid for their work, but will also get to live there rent-free. They naturally accept the offer, and quickly move in and get to work. Not so long afterwards, however, strange things start happening to all of them, and it soon becomes clear that they are not alone inside the eerie house."

"The Doorway" is a few years old now but I thought I'd better say something after having sat through this truly terrible movie again. I'll keep it short though as bad films aren't like fine wine and don't improve with age.

The idea is that a group of college students (who take a job cleaning up an old house) discover a portal to Hell. Oooh, how original... not! It's a Roger Corman production filmed in Ireland using American actors so you can make what you want out of that.

The late Roy Scheider is the only big name in it, playing a Professor of the occult, and even his all too brief presence can't stop this film from just being complete rubbish.

The only saving grace this movie has is that Lauren Woodland and the other girl are nice to look at. There are even a couple of poorly executed sex scenes in it which don't really amount to anything but are worth a mention as they are the only reprieve from the lack of anything scary whatsoever in this movie!

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