July 19, 2000

The Devil's Nightmare (1971)

(AKA La plus longue nuit du diable)

"Seven tourists who take refuge in an east European castle overnight are victims of a family curse - each murdered in the style of one of the seven deadly sins. The Baron who owns the castle is some kind of alchemist. And there's a twist at the end!"

"The Devil's Nightmare" is a Belgian-Italian erotic horror which unfortunately looks as if it came from some Euro version of Hammer studios in the 50s rather than 1971. That aside, it isn't too bad at all for a bad film.

Everyone who has seen this film remarks how Erika Blanc is perfectly cast as Lisa (a succubus!). She just has the right kind of face for it. Not that she isn't attractive, in fact she is VERY attractive! There are a lot of erotic moments which more than make up for the bad dubbing and somewhat poor acting. There's even a very, and I mean VERY, erotic lesbian seduction scene in the middle!

The death scenes are also well thought out and quite nasty for the time but it's nothing that will make you want to hide behind the sofa. Like I said, it's sort of like a Hammer film but more European. Think "Daughters of Darkness" and you'll get the idea. It appears it was put out as a direct competitor to "The Exorcist" but there aren't any similarities between the two at all. It would be like comparing an old Dr Who episode to "Event Horizon"! It's a little bit like "Theatre of Blood" though but with more of a supernatural element and less black humour.

I recommend this for purely sinister reasons. It's not quite good enough to go into the Video Vault but it's still a little gem!

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