July 1, 2005

Dead and Dying (2005)

(AKA Intermedio)

"Four teenagers, Malik, Gem, Barbie and Wes, take a excursion to an old series of mine tunnels under the border area of California and Mexico where they, and a few other people travelling by, become trapped and are soon set upon by ghosts of a series of victims who are under the control of a warlock bent on carnage."

(Hahaha, "teenagers" - no way!)

Ok, then, what is good about this film? Well, it stars Edward Furlong... so the answer is that there is NOTHING good about this film. It also has the girl who played the yellow Power Ranger in it and Amber Benson (who played lesbian witch "Tara" in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer")... so again, still nothing good about this film!

Lacklustre acting, terrible effects, poor editing, and a really stupid, uninvolving story put me off right away. In fact, I switched it off half-way through as I'm sure it wasn't going to improve and, from everything I read on the net about it, that was my best decision of the day.

I'm certainly no prude, but when all you are getting from a movie is a lot of expletives, "Oh my God"s, shrieking, and "What the ass?" over and over again (I've honestly never heard that one before!), it's really time to call it a day! Amber's death scene was a highlight though.

It seems this is pretty much just a really low-budget slasher with added ghosts. It was filmed for $80,000 so what do you expect?

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