July 16, 2007

Cadaverella (2007)

"Cinder has troubles. She has a wicked step-stripper for a mom. Her prince charming is a complete psycho. Her fairy godmother is actually a voodoo god. And worst of all she's been murdered. But Cinder doesn't intend to let a little thing like being dead stop her. She has places to go and people to kill. And she only has until midnight."

This is another low-budget film that I initially saw for free on Zone Horror in the UK. It's also available as part of a Mill Creek "Pendulum Pictures" 50 movie pack now but you'd be better off buying the full DVD.

"Cadaverella" is total sexploitation. Don't expect it to be the greatest film you've ever seen (because it isn't) but as a very vulgar comedy-horror version of the Cinderella story it quite amused me. They even use the English expression, "Bollocks!" which I thought I'd never hear in an American independent movie.

The narration was perhaps the funniest part but Megan Goddard is quite impressive as the lead and has a fantastic little body which reminded me in a lot of ways of the cute French popstar Alizee Jacotay. She hasn't been in anything else since though which is a shame.

I'll give it 4 out of 10 for being as sick and bloody as the real Grimm fairytale of Ashenputtel. I can't really give it any more as it is only just over an hour long and some of the editing could have been better.

Timothy and Jennifer Friend (also known as Big Atom Productions) have gone on to make a few more independent films in the last three years which vary in quality. This debut was pretty slick though. I liked it.

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