November 8, 2005

Caché (2005)

(AKA Hidden)

"A TV talk show host and his wife are terrorized by surveillance videos of their private life. Delivered by an anonymous stalker, the tapes reveal secret after secret until obsession, denial and deceit take hold of the couple and hurl them to the point of no return."

It's French and it's crap! It was all about guilt (apparently) but was just so slow that I kept losing interest and had to keep backing up and so it ended up even longer!!!

I only have myself to blame. The warning signs were there from the beginning. It's on the Artificial Eye label and anyone who knows anything about DVDs knows that anything on Artificial Eye or Tartan Video is just destined to be artsy-fartsy foreign crap with perhaps one surprise moment or dirty bit in two hours of absolute monotony.

Yes I hated it. Crappy camera angles, boring set design, boring dialogue, but some good character acting ruined by ugly actors. Juliette Binoche didn't do anything sexy and has aged far too much to add any intrigue to the proceedings at all.

In short, it's just awful and tedious. How this can be classed as horror is beyond me unless you use it to torture somebody by making them watch it.

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