June 26, 2007

The Woods (2006)

This is now the best horror movie that I've seen not just from 2006 but for many years. I don't understand why this turned out to be a straight to DVD release as it's certainly good enough for a theatrical distribution.

I can't find enough good things to say about this at all. Not only does it do for witches what "Ginger Snaps" did for werewolves but everything is perfectly executed from the 1960s period setting to the outstanding acting by everyone involved.

The director, Lucky McKee, was also responsible for the more lacklustre "May" but don't hold that against him. This time he really got everything right. Again, he has used a very strong lead, Agnes Bruckner, and she will definitely enchant you (pun intended) throughout.

It has a sufficiently spooky atmosphere, great characterisation, a good storyline and excellent gore scenes at the end.

Don't believe anyone who writes bullshit comments about this being "derivative" and "unoriginal". Yes, it does have similarilties to "Carrie", "The Initiation of Sarah" (and a great many others) but it does it all so much better and mixes the elements in a far more entertaining way. You'll be drawn in so much by it that you won't even notice the "clich├ęs" that the nitpickers like to point out.

The plot is indeed also similar to "Suspiria" but only in the way that "Suspiria" is the same as "Rosemary's Baby", i.e. they both have a coven of witches involved. But whereas "Suspiria" is an unwatchable, boring crapfest, this is a much smoother affair and much more enjoyable in every way.

Even the music is good!

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