November 27, 2009

The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)

"Edward leaves Bella after an attack that nearly claimed her life, and in her depression she falls into yet another paranormal relationship - this time with werewolf Jacob Black."

What a disappointment. With a change of directors from Catherine Hardwick to Chris Weitz and with what must have been a larger budget after the success of "Twilight", "New Moon" was actually worse not better.

The writers remained the same with Melissa Rosenberg adapting Stephanie Meyer's novel for the big screen but this still wasn't what anybody expected. The pacing of "New Moon" was just far too slow. At over two hours long (actually 130 minutes), it just dragged on and on and was probably worse than reading the book if this was the best that could be made of it.

It seems that fans of the book were again divided with some really pleased that so much was included and others moaning about it being butchered but, honestly, who has the patience for all that? There was just far too much talk which led to absolutely nothing at all apart from more brooding and moping.

The acting was pretty bad this time too so there appeared to be no chemistry between any of the characters. That's a bit of a failure for a romance, I think.

With Edward absent for most of the story, this was Jacob's chance to take over but, having spoiled it all for myself by asking other people who have read the books what happens, I knew it would all be in vain.

All I cared about were the action scenes but there were too few of them. The fight scenes were good but over too quickly and the CGI wolves were actually quite well done too even though they were still obviously CGI.

Cinematically, "New Moon" was filmed well and although it looked a bit different to "Twilight", it was actually easier to watch. There were way to many close-ups which got annoying even if Kristen Stewart is flawless and expressionless enough to stand them. Her constant blinking and twitching was very distracting.

Towards the end, things picked up a little bit with the Volturi but it all seemed to be somewhat rushed. Michael Sheen stood out as Aro but I was so glad that the film was coming to an end by this point, especially after being so bored, that I didn't really even care.

I'm rating "New Moon" as 3 out of 10. If all you want to see is Taylor Lautner's chest then you won't be disappointed.

Oh well, at least I enjoyed my trip to Burger King.

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