June 26, 2003

Slaughter Studios (2002)

Anyone who knows anything about making B movies will see the funny side of this. Just about every part of the independent filmmaking scene is lampooned mercilessly here and you'll all recognise the character types especially as some of them aren't all that far from the truth.
It's not a perfect parody though. Using the idea of a "play within a play" has been done before in the more serious "Mute Witness", "Scream 3" and "Urban Legends: Final Cut" and in all the cases the film they are making is very weak compared to the real story. Obviously here it's supposed to be as ludicrous as possible though.

The best thing for me about "Slaughter Studios" is that is full of really pretty girls and most of them get nude quite quickly. Yup, it's back to "boobs and blood" again. The film also has some quite credible gore scenes even though it is primarily a spoof.

Actually, the spoof nature seems to get lost in the last half an hour as it does seem to turn into a fully fledged slasher movie in its own right for a while. The transition wasn't as smooth as in something like "Severance" and a lot of people have judged "Slaughter Studios" far too harshly for not sticking to one format or the other. I quite like the effect though and the ending brings it back to comedy anyway. None of this film should be taken too seriously.

For what it is, it's very entertaining. I'll even go so far as to give this 7 out of 10. I think this one will be going into the VideoVault as soon as I can buy it. If you like things like "Scary Movie" then this is one you should certainly think about owning too.

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