July 12, 2003

Scarecrow (2002)

"High School student has whore for a mom, lives in a trailer park, and is an 'artist' who is ridiculed for his 'being all different'. Well, of course, this poor ridiculed boy is eventually killed and, here's the original part, his soul inhabits a scarecrow (beneath which, he is killed by his slutty mama's latest john). Then he goes around with the standard killing off of all the people that done hurt him."

I watched "Scarecrow Gone Wild" a few weeks ago so I was quite looking forward to this. I was very disappointed!

The acting is terrible and everyone seems to be miscast. The actor who plays "Lester" looks far too old for the part of a teenager. Tiffany Shepis (I'm not a fan of hers anyway) looks really fat in it for some reason and her short haircut makes her eyes look too far apart like a Simpsons character or something. Either it's the camerawork or my widescreen TV but she is certainly no "hottie" in this.

The whole movie was just extremely tedious and reminded me of an even poorer version of "The Toxic Avenger". The scarecrow has some occasionally good wisecracks and does a fair amount of acrobatics but none of this really works. It isn't scary or funny.

Yup, it's 0 out of 10 for this one which is what you expect for a film that was made in only 8 days!

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