June 17, 2010

Return to House on Haunted Hill (2007)

Hot lesbian ghosts, gore scenes that have you saying "Lush!" everytime they occur and enough CGI to keep video gamers entertained for years. Yes, this had it all!

It wasn't as clever as the original by any stretch of the imagination but it was about equal to the remake. You can't really hope for any more than that when it comes to sequels to remakes anyway. At least this one had a lot more ghosts.

I liked the first hour of it but things started to run out of steam towards the end. All the best death scenes were used up by then. It all started relying on far too much CGI and was verging on the crappiness that was "Silent Hill" by the time everyone reached the crematorium. None of the jump scares worked and it lacked any real atmosphere.

Characterisation was quite minimal but adequate and it looked good for a straight-to-DVD product. There really isn't much more to say about it. It was predictable and unoriginal but still very gory and quite entertaining. Jeffrey Combs was completely wasted in it though. I hope he got paid a lot for his one line.

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