January 26, 2008

Rambo IV (2008)

I heard so many great things about "Rambo" that I was bound to be disappointed when I saw it myself. It was ok, I suppose, but it didn't really match up to "First Blood" or "Rambo: First Blood Part II". Anything is better than "Rambo III" though.

There was plenty of blood and guts, a higher body count than any of the previous Rambo films, but it was pretty much just the same wafer-thin story all over again.

Sylvester Stallone looked excellent in the role but he was even more laconic than usual. Julie Benz, on the other hand, just annoyed me. She's always going to be Darla to me anyway.

The less said about the small band of mercenaries who Rambo takes into the jungle on the rescue mission the better. Can anyone say "stereotypes"?

The dialogue in "Rambo" is laughably appalling but it's all about the action anyway. It's not as if anyone goes to see a film like this because it's going to be a classic of the genre.

It certainly isn't the best war film that I've ever seen and it isn't the most exciting action film either. It's just average but the gore is brutal.

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