April 22, 2008

No Country For Old Men (2008)

Whoever votes for turds like this to win Oscars needs to be locked up for their own protection.

This was the worst thing I’ve seen for the last 20 years. Boring, slow, tedious, monotonous, plus contrived, derivative and shitty all rolled into one.

The assassin dude with the bad hair had a couple of amusing moments but everybody else sucked.

The cinematography was terrible, the dialogue was pitiful, the story was as mundane as possible with plotholes everywhere, the Tommy Lee Jones parts could be cut out entirely and have no impact on anything, and the worst thing of all - there was only one pretty girl in it and she didn’t even get her norks out!

I watched this straight after "Revamped" (2008) and both share the same deadly slow pace, a collection of actors well past their sell by dates, and are completely lacking in interest or entertainment value to anyone with more than two brain cells (or Jonathan Ross - who has three brain cells, one of appears to be programmed specifically to asslick anything by Tarantino, Rodriguez or the Coen brothers). The difference is that you’d hire "Revamped" just knowing that it was going to be a crappy independent, you don’t expect the same effect from an illustrious yet seriously overhyped Oscar winner.

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