June 27, 2002

Never Play with the Dead (2001)

"Craig is a college student with a business plan. He and six friends have broken into a derelict asylum to stage the party of the year - and get rich in the process. With DJ Lux on the decks, Lee's spectacular light show and sexy Victoria pouring the drinks, how can they fail? But as the team set up, things start to go horribly wrong. Sarah becomes convinced that they are not alone, and as the panic rises the asylum begins to take on a life of its own. Walls disappear, they reappear and the group are forced further and further into the mysterious depths of the building... where something ancient and sinister is waiting for them. The quest for fun is about to become a race to stay alive."

Even though this starts off with a group of four little kids who sound Australian, this is in fact an English horror film from 2001 which is often shown on Zone Horror. It's not available on DVD (except in Australia) for some reason so this is probably the only place you will see it.

It is absolutely full of soap actors including Dawn (Kara Tointon), Gus (Mohammed George) and Tony (Mark Horner) from "Eastenders" and three more whose names I don't know (but whose faces I recognised from "The Bill" and "Holby City").

It is all filmed extremely well and looks a lot like that other Eastenders filled horror "Long Time Dead" but it's much better than that and doesn't have the horrid Joe Absolom in it.

Anyway, this is about a group of "teenagers" who break into what used to be an asylum to use the building for an illegal rave. A lot of the film is spent building up the characters, showing them setting things up, pranking each other and exploring the building but there are a few genuinely spooky events along the way. Things build up bit by bit and there is a twist in the last scene.

I really liked this a lot. The acting is much the same as an "Eastenders" episode and so is very good and realistic. The incidental music used for the scary bits is typical TV movie stuff but works well too.

If this was available on DVD, it would go straight into the Video Vault.

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