August 12, 2001

À Ma Soeur! (2001)

AKA Fat Girl (2001)

While I am on the early 21st century DVD releases at the moment, I thought I'd try this little gem from 2001.

From the IMDb: "À Ma Soeur! is a provocative and shocking drama about sibling rivalry, family discord and relationships. Elena is 15, beautiful and flirtatious. Her less confident sister, Anais, is 12, and constantly eats. On holiday, Elena meets a young Italian student who is determined to seduce her. Anais is forced to watch in silence, conspiring with the lovers, but harbouring jealousy and similar desires. Their actions, however, have unforeseen tragic consequences for the whole family."

Now, it's the ending that makes this whole thing worthwhile. You won't see it coming so the following is a complete and utter SPOILER!

After nearly an hour and a half of watching French teenagers being French teenagers and having boring conversations interspersed with occasionally humourous (though supposedly titilating) fumblings, the ending of this film will knock your socks off. In the UK, the DVD release has been cut by 1m 28s but other countries still have it in it's entirety.

"So what is this horrific ending?" I hear you ask. Well, it's something that has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the film.

On the long drive home from their holiday, the mother pulls the car into a "Motorway Services" rest stop and falls asleep. She never gets the chance to wake up because a killer on the run smashes the windscreen (and her skull!) with a hammer and then rapes the fat 12 year old daughter!

It's really, really nasty and is probably one of the most evil endings to a dirty French movie that I have ever seen. It's not done for pure titilation either. This is full on real urban horror nastiness!

It isn't a horror film so it's not in the vault ...but you'll probably like it! I have never seen ANYTHING quite like this before!

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