June 26, 2000

Lycanthrope (1999)

"Through a deadly rip in the ozone, a blazing sun sears the dying Amazon jungle - but it's the Lycanthrope that's ripping the flesh off a luckless group of scientists at a remote outpost. Government agent Bill Parker (Robert Carradine) heads a commando team sent to investigate the silenced outpost. Tension is palpable as the jungle heat grips the group when Parker discovers that the psychiatrist, Dr. Stein (Jeff Chase), has brought along his sexy wife, Sheila (Rebecca Holden), who was once Parker's lover. There's no denying Sheila is a beautiful woman with the loyalty of a piranha. Horror upstages sexual tension, however, when the group is confronted by an empty laboratory drenched in human blood. And a body torn to shreds. They soon discover that they, too, are being hunted."

I couldn't make head or tail of this one. It started off with a sexy nudie shower scene and then turned into a mixture of "The Thing" and "The Beast Must Die" but was so low budget and without any merits at all that I ended up watching most of it on fast forward.

There's no gore and it's all talk. Look there isn't even a werewolf in it just some really fat black guy who thinks he's one because he's gone mad or something!

Coupling it with some environmental message about the ozone layer was way over my head. I still have no idea what "lycanthropes" and the ozone layer have to do with each other and don't care either.

Another 0 out of 10.

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